Do you have a 2017 Sebago Calendar? If so, beware of November! There's a printing error on that page, with the dates all shifted by a day. If you follow the calendar, you'll be a day early all month! We've corrected the page and posted it here. Please print it out and paste it in your calendar. We'll also have printed copies of the page at the booth during Sebago Days – a good reason to stop by and see us!

Sebago Calendars

The Sebago Historical Society compiles an annual pictorial calendar focusing on a historical aspect of life in Sebago. Annual themes have included the schools, churches, fraternal organizations, and inns and hotels in town. Hundreds of hours of reasearch are captured in these pages! Click on the years below to see the display pages with photos and text from that calendar.

Many of these calendars are still available for sale. See the Shop page for details.

1997 - Schools of Sebago

1998 – Hotels of Sebago

1999 - Post offices of Sebago

2000 - Cemeteries and Churches of Sebago

2001 - Fraternal & Social Organizations of Sebago

2002 - Sebago Recreation

2003 - Early stores and industries of Sebago part I

2004 - Early stores and industries of Sebago part II

2005 – Early Transportation

2006 – Early Transportation by Narrow Gauge

2007 – Barns & Outhouses

2008 – Old Homes part I

2009 - Old Homes part II

2010 – Old Postcards of Sebago

2011 – Sebago Artists Past & Present part I

2012 - Sebago Artists Past & Present part II

2013 – Our Twentieth Anniversary

2014 – Stone Fireplaces of Sebago part I

2015 - Stone Fireplaces of Sebago part II

Our annual calendars contain ongoing research into town history.