Sebago Cemeteries and their Residents

The Sebago Cemetery List was prepared for the Sebago Historical Society by June Allen, Joyce Viles, Diana Letellier, and Anne Brown from visual inspection of all known Sebago Cemeteries in 1998 and 1999 along with information recorded in 1969 by Beverly Harmon.

Click on the cemetery name to see the yard's gravestones. Or use the search box on the right to find an individual name. Records are included for burials up through the year 2000. Note that the cemetery listing are arranged by the position of the stone in the graveyard, not alphabetically.

1: Sebago Cemetery Hancock Pond Road

2: Babb Yard Hancock Pond Road

3: Brown Cemetery Backnippin Road by Brown’s Pond

4: Boulter Yard Hillside (Poor's Hill across from Axtman's)

5: Hillside Cemetery just past Swamp Rd. on Rt. 107

6: Poor Cemetery on Poor's Hill on the right side of Kipikas’s house off Rt. 107

7: Hill Stone (close to the Peabody Pond Road on Rt. 107)

8: Peabody Pond Road Yard

9: Potter Yard beyond the old Town Farm on Rt. 107

10: Kenison Yard Folly Road

11: Sanborn Cemetery right side of Barnes Mtn. Road (off Sandy Beach Road)

12: Blake-Thorn Yard left side of Barnes Mtn. Road (off Sandy Beach Road)

13: Douglass Yard single stone behind former Douglass home on Peaked Mt Rd

14: Poor Cemetery Sebago Center

15: Pike Yard left side of Allen Road off the Convene Road

16: Davis-Haley Yard Convene, road leading in is on Sprague property

17: Convene Cemetery corner of Hogfat Hill and Convene Roads

18: Dyer Cemetery in Convene on Winaco Road beyond main building, on left

19: Brown Cemetery Hog Fat Hill Road in back of Crawford's house

20: Jewell Yard half way up Hog Fat Hill, on the right side of the road

21: Fogg Cemetery on Convene Road beyond the Fogg home before Haley Cemetery

22: Haley Cemetery Convene Rd past Historical Society building

23: Wentworth Cemetery on Robinson Hill Rd, not visible from road

24: Ridlon Yard Dyke Mountain Road on Sebago line to Baldwin

25: Winn Cemetery on Tower Road across from the house at the top of the hill

26: Dike Cemetery Dike Mountain

27: Cemetery on Douglas Hill on Orchard Road

28: Martin Home Cemetery behind former Emory Martin house

29: Fitch Yard, Sebago Center Rt. 107 by Red Brick Schoolhouse

30: McDonald-Witham Yard Mac's Corner by Ted Greene's

31: Old Wentworth Cemetery Decker Mountain

32: Martin Yard Hall Field by Chester Martin's

33: Davis Yard by Lindley Decker's on Long Hill Road

34: Whitten Field Sebago & Baldwin, across from Decker's on Long Hill Road

35: White Cemetery left off Long Hill below the Transfer Station

36: Fitch Yard, East Sebago across from Fitch's Store

37: Harmon Family property of Merle and Beverly Harmon in E. Sebago

38: Fitch Cemetery, East Sebago back of Library on Rt. 114

39: Spaulding Mausoleum on the Rockcraft Lodge estate grounds in East Sebago

40: Murch-Hill Yard, East Sebago behind Coleman's on Route 114

41: Ward Cemetery Anderson Rd.

42: Lakeside Cemetery North Sebago

43: Staples-Ward Yard at the intersection of Kimball's Corner and Burnell Rds

44: Woodside Farm Cemetery Allen Road

45: Dearborn Home Cemetery Rt. #114 behind the Dearborn home in East Sebago

46: Shute Home Cemetery Rt 114 behind Shute home, next to dam

47: Olden Home Cemetery Kimball Corner Rd, corner of Peaked Mtn Rd

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