Sebago's Civil War Veterans

More information about each soldier and the companies they joined will be coming soon.

Last NameFirst Name(s)Served WithService HistoryBuried
Blake Charles A.Co K, 9th ME Infantry
Blake Edwin P.Co K, Co F, 30th ME InfantryBlake-Thorne, Sebago
Brown James L.Co I, 29th MA Infantry died at Newport News, VABrown Cemetery Sebago
Brown Sidney T.Company band 25th ME Infantry, Co C9th ME InfantryBuried Denmark
Brown William S.Company Band 25th ME InfantryGorham
Cole Charles W.Co K, 25th ME Infantry died District of ColumbiaPotter Yard Sebago
Cook Alonzo S.Co K, 25th ME Infantry disability dischargeMalden, MA
Cook Benjamin F.Co I, 10th ME Infantry POW Winchester, VA disability dischargeTogus, ME
Crawford George H.Co A, 11th ME InfantrySteep Falls, ME
Cross Lewis C.Co A, 1st Cavalry Regiment District of Columbia CavalryCornish, ME
Davis CharlesCo I, 30th ME Infantrywounded Cane River Crossing, LADavis-Haley Yard Sebago
Douglas George Jr.Co K, 25th ME Infantry, Co D 9th ME InfantryBabb Yard Sebago
Dyer Reuben M.Co K, 25th ME Infantry Co I, 30th ME InfantryHaley Cemetery Sebago
Dyer Roscoe G.Co H, 17th ME Infantrykilled at Gettysburg, PAFitch Yard Sebago
Dyke George K.Co I, 30th ME InfantryNorthfield, MN
Foss AmbroseCo I, 10th ME Infantry US Navy disability discharge
Gammon John P.Co H, 40th NY Infantry died Camp Sedgwick, VAHaley Cemetery Sebago
Haley David M.District of Columbia Cavalry, Co. A, 1st Me. CavalryHaley Cemetery Sebago
Haley Ira H.Co K, 25th ME InfantrySo High St, Bridgton, ME
Haley William Jr.Co I, 30th ME InfantryHaley Cemetery Sebago
Hill William H.Co K, 25th ME Infantry Co A, 1st ME CavalryProbably Anthony, MN
Marriner Greenlief T.Co B, 10th ME Infantry Co D, 29th ME Infantrywounded Cedar CreekProbably Florida
Marriner Thomas B.Co I, 1st ME Infantry Co I, 10th ME InfantryLimington, ME
Martin Daniel D.Co C, 12th ME Infantry wounded Ponchatoula, LA disability dischargeFitch Yard Sebago
Martin Ira LewisCo H, 17th ME Infantrydied Gettysburg, PAGettysburg Memorial site
Martin Jason DCo K, 25th ME InfantryPortland, ME
Martin JohnCo K, Co D, 12th ME InfantryMartin Yard Sebago
Martin Marshall31st ME Infantry, Co A, 5th ME Infantry
Martin William HCo C, 12th ME InfantrySteep Falls, ME
McKenney JamesCo A, 5th ME Infantry, Co F, 30th ME Infantry died aft Battle WildernessLakeside Cemetery Sebago
Meserve JohnCo K, 25th ME Infantry Co I, 30th ME Infantry wounded Cane River Crossing, LAHaley Cemetery Sebago
Newcomb Charles ACo F, 17th ME Infantry Veterans Reserve Corp wounded Spotsylvania, PABuried Newcastle, CA
Paine Samuel L.Co D, 9th ME InfantryDavis-Haley Yard Sebago
Pendexter Charles O.Co I, 31st ME Infantry POW Cold Harbor, VADenmark
Pendexter Noah J.Co K, 25th Infantry deserted-never servedDenmark
Phinney William S.Co K, 25th ME InfantryStandish
Pierce Henry MiltonCo K, 25th ME Infantry died Washington, DCWashington, DC
Robinson JamesCo F, 16th ME InfantryLakeside Cemetery Sebago
Shaw Benjamin F.Co K, 25th ME InfantryMinnesota
Storer Thomas F.Co K, 25th ME Infantry & Co I, 30th ME Infantry died New Orleans, LA
Thorne ElbridgeCo I, 30th ME InfantryKenisonYard Sebago
Usher Joshua L.Co B, 10th ME Infantry Co A/H, 29th ME InfantryRidlonYard Sebago
Ward EbenCo K, 25th ME Infantry died at Petersburg, VA
Ward DavidCo K, 25th ME Infantry
Ward William H.Co I, 30th ME InfantryConcord, N.H.
Weeman Samuel1st ME Light ArtilleryBoulterYard Sebago
Weeman Wm. H.H.1st ME Light Artillery wounded Cedar Creek, VASo Bridgton Cemetery
Wentworth Edward R.Co K, 25th ME InfantryLimington, ME
Wentworth WilliamCo B, 15th ME InfantryWest Baldwin, ME
Whitney AlfredCo A, 5th Infantry RegimentGorham, ME
Witham Jacob Jr.Co K, 25th ME InfantryMcDonald-Witham Sebago